Ice Giant Kenneth ”Ymir” Bergh is hungry for more after a quick TKO win

Kenneth Bergh mauled his way to an outstanding TKO win in just fourteen seconds.

Felix Polianidis vs Kenneth Bergh at CAGE 53. Photo: Jarno Nurminen / Nurminen Visuals

Kenneth ”Ymir” Bergh (9-0-0, 1NC) had a perfect fight against the Greek Felix Polianidis (6-6-0) at CAGE 53 last evening in Helsinki, Finland. Bergh’s nickname ”Ymir” derives from Scandinavian and Norse mythology, where Ymir was described as an ice giant, the first living creature on Earth.

The fight was a catchweight bout at 100 kilos due to it being a very short notice fight so it truly was a clash of giants. Short preparation time for the bout resulted in even shorter fight as referee Mikko Aaltonen stopped the fight in the first round after just 14 seconds.

Five seconds into the fight Polianidis shot for a double leg take down, but Bergh saw it coming and was able to land on top. The Norwegian started immediately raining down heavy blows and the referee had no other options, but to stop the fight.

Referee stopped the fight due to crushing blows from Bergh. Photo: Jarno Nurminen / Nurminen Visuals

We interviewed one of the hottest prospects in Northern Europe. See what the giant had to say about his fight last night and what lies ahead for the Frontline Academy representative.

You’ve had many fights cancelled prior to this one. How important was it to get this fight and a statement win like this?

””It was very important for me to get back into competition again and I’m happy to have done that yesterday.”

What was going through your mind when your opponent Polianidis shot for a take down and you found yourself on top of him?

”Felix is a tough guy and a very strong wrestler, but I felt and always feel I’m able to compete with my opponents in all aspects of the game so I was ready for the shot and capitalized on the opportunity to look for my own shots.”

What’s next for you?

”I’m looking to compete again very soon, and hoping to secure the biggest possible fight against the best possible opposition. This fight was a short notice fight and in advance there were difficulties securing opponents, fortunately Felix stepped up and made it possible for me to attempt to move forward in my career.

When would you like to fight next?

”As soon as possible.”

Kenneth Bergh and UFC star Jack Hermansson just moments before the fight. Photo: Jarno Nurminen / Nurminen Visuals

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

”I take things one fight at time because there are no guarantees in this game. So I’ll take it step by step and do my absolute best to keep climbing up with each step.”

What’s your status currently with the UFC?

”Since I’m not signed with them I don’t consider myself as having a relationship with them, but I believe it’s in my case as with most others. If you do well and if you’re able to stay relatively consistent in your schedule of competition, you’ll eventually get the call. So competing as much as I can, and against the best possible opponents on the biggest possible stage is what I want and we’ll just have to see where that ends up being.”

See what the win looked like cage side from the link below.

Text and video: Jyrki Nurminen

Photos: Jarno Nurminen / Nurminen Visuals


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