Zach Makovsky: ”My aim is to claim the Brave CF title”

Zach ”Fun Size” Makovsky (21-9-0) faces one of Finland’s brightest prospects, Abdul Hussein (7-1-0), in BRAVE CF 42 event on September 24th in Bahrain.

The clash between Makovsky and Hussein should be a treat for the fans around the world. Photo: Brave CF

Makovsky and Hussein face each other in the first round of the eight-man flyweight tournament. The winner of the tournament will become the first ever BRAVE CF flyweight champion.

Makovsky, 37, is the most experienced fighter in the tournament. He is a former Bellator bantamweight champion and he has also fought seven times in the UFC with a record of three wins and four losses. In his pro career Makovsky has faced the top talents of the sport. For example, he has faced John Dodson, Jussier Formiga and Joseph Benavidez and although he lost those fights, none of the opponents were able to submit him or knock him out.

Still fairly young Abdul Hussein, 23, has improved his performances in each fight. He has only lost one fight as a pro, and he became the IMMAF bantamweight world champion in 2016 at the age of 18 before starting his professional career. Hussein is currently in a three-fight winning streak.

The MMA fans around the world can expect a very exciting fight that surely won’t lack pace or talent when these two gentlemen meet inside the cage.

We interviewed Zach Makovsky two weeks before the fight. Read below to see what the Tristar Gym fighter thinks about the challenge ahead of him.

Having fought at the absolute top of this sport you have seen many different kinds of opponents. What is your view on Abdul Hussein’s style?

”He seems to be well-rounded and competent in all areas. He seems to prefer a higher pace and likes to apply pressure. He also has some good submission skills. ”

Being much more experienced at fighting top level competition do you see an advantage for yourself, or does fighting a less known opponent add extra pressure?

”The perceptions of who your opponent is, or how well they are known can only be a distraction. The important things to take away are their general approach to fighting and the skills they display during those bouts. Everything else is just noise.”

How do you see this fight going?

”It’s difficult to say. As I said, I see Mr. Hussein as a well-rounded fighter and I believe I am the same. I try not to have any specific expectations so I’m not surprised by anything.”

Is there anything you would like to say to your Finnish opponent or the Brave CF fans?

”I am grateful to be fighting for Brave and in this talent stacked flyweight tournament. My aim is to claim the title. I wish Mr. Hussein and all the tournament competitors the best and look forward to tough fights against tough opponents. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during these strange times.”

Having the chance to interview Mr. Makovsky we just couldn’t resist the temptation to ask him something Finland-related. As you can see from his reply, he is just as current and quick-witted with his humour when he’s not in the cage as he is as a fighter when the cage door is closed.

What do you know about Finland or do you know any Finnish fighters?

”I would love to visit Finland one day. Regrettably, I don’t know too much about Finland, but I have heard you rake the floors of your forests better than we do. Kidding aside, I hope everyone in California stays safe from the wildfires and they get extinguished soon.”

Text: Jyrki Nurminen

Photo: Brave CF


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