Rostem Akman: ”I’m coming to finish the fight at Cage 52”

Rostem Akman is looking to bounce back in the win column by finishing his Finnish opponent, Toni Lampinen.

Rostem Akman has found his hunger again and is aiming for a highlight win. Photo: Rostem Akman

Rostem ”Kurdimus Prime” Akman (6-3-0) is set to fight a dangerous Finn in the enemy territory, in Helsinki. Akman (Fightzone Stockholm) will face Toni Lampinen (7-3-0) in the Cage 52 event in Finland, on Saturday 27th of November.

Lampinen (MMA Rauma), who has previously been fighting a weight class lower is now moving up to the 77,1 kg weight class for his debut bout as a welterweight to meet the Swede. Lampinen has 4 wins in his last 5 fights and boasts a whopping 86% finish rate in his professional career. Akman, on the other hand, has faced heavy opposition in the form of two UFC fights and one Cage Warriors title eliminator fight against current UFC fighter Ian Garry. Despite his losses in the bright lights, Akman is a skilled and dangerous fighter with serious knock out potential. Prior to his UFC ventures Akman had a perfect 6-0-0 record with a 100% finishing rate.

We interviewed both fighters and translated the results in English to serve the international MMA fans in the build up of this sweet Finland vs Sweden (Finnkamp) fight:

Rostem Akman

You’re facing Toni Lampinen in Cage 52 event. What was your first reaction, when you were offered this fight?

”I was just happy to be fighting again, and it was close to Stockholm.”

What do you know about your Finnish opponent?

”My opponent is a solid fighter, good in all areas of the fight game.”

Is there any extra sweetness to the fight because it is Finland vs Sweden?

”No not really. I always wanted to fight in Finland, because Swedes were going to Finland to fight a lot before. Finnfight and even Cage. So I’m happy it is my time now, and Finnish people are tough!”

What would like to say to your opponent, Lampinen?

”Thank you for taking the fight.”

Who do you think will win and how?

”Of course I believe I will win. I am better in all areas of the fight game, and for this fight I feel good. It was a long time, and now I’ve found my hunger again and I’ve been evolving a lot. You guys shall see. I’m coming to finish the fight, like always. I don’t know whether it will be a submission or a knockout, but I’m taking what he gives me.”

Toni Lampinen

Lampinen on facing Rostem Akman: ”I need to find my rhythm early in the fight and I also need good movement. Akman is a perfect test for me to see where I stand at the moment. Not only because of his history with the UFC, but also because I am moving up a weight class.”

Toni Lampinen is a threat not only on his feet, but also in grappling exchanges. Photo: Jarno Nurminen / Nurminen Visuals

”I will try to finish the fight, even if it means taking some risks. I’m not here to let the judges count the score. I hope Rostem makes it to Finland safe and healthy so we can offer the crowd what they are looking for”, Lampinen sums up his thoughts.

Toni Lampinen vs Rostem Akman is the co-main event of the Cage 52 fight night in Helsinki, Finland. The card is headlined by Suvi Salmimies vs Mafalda Carmona. The event takes place on Saturday 27th of November.

Text: Jyrki Nurminen

Photos: Rostem Akman and Jarno Nurminen / Nurminen Visuals


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